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Kaoru Hanazono (花園 カヲル Hanazono Kaoru), nicknamed "Rose Hanazono", is the class representative of 2-E class and one of the "Four Heavenly Farmers" (四天農 Shitennō) who is an expert in the art of landscaping, but Kōsaku Hata is kind of at odds with him for making a pass at Minori Nakazawa despite his gender preference. His true inclination was revealed when he invited over Ringo Kinoshita under the pretense of luring Kōsaku where he was able to successfully kiss him by taking advantage of the fact that Kōsaku is not aware of what sex he is really into even though Kei Kamatori stormed in to warn him, but Kei warned Kōsaku too late.


Kaoru is considered to be "the hottest guy at school" (by Kōsaku Hata) with shoulder-length pink hair that has a small hair strand hanging in the middle, blue eyes and a black mole under his left eye.

He wears some sort of long prince-like school uniform with his white shirt unbuttoned that reveals his chest.


  • Kaoru's surname Hanazono means "flower, blossom" (花) (hana) and "garden" (園) (sono/zono).