Freshly・Picked・Today♥Fruits Girls

CD Cordless-FruitsGirls1

CD Cordless-FruitsGirls2

Single by Ringo Kinoshita, Minori Nakazawa
CD Release Date January 22, 2014
Label Frontier Works
Freshly・Picked・Today♥Fruits Girls (も・ぎ・た・て♥フルーツガールズ Mo・gi・ta・te♥Furūtsu Gāruzu?) is the ending theme of No-Rin anime series. This song was performed by Ringo Kinoshita and Minori Nakazawa, and included in the Cordless☆Shy☆PHONE single.


The song was written by Aiko Nakano, composed and arranged by Akihiko Yamaguchi.

  1. "Cordless☆tele☆PHONE" (コードレス☆照れ☆PHONE?) (TV Anime "No-Rin" insert song)
  2. Freshly・Picked・Today♥Fruits Girls (も・ぎ・た・て♥フルーツガールズ?) (TV Anime "No-Rin" ED theme)
  3. "Cordless☆tele☆PHONE ~Yukatan Consert Version~" (コードレス☆照れ☆PHONE ~ゆかたんコンサートバージョン~?)
  4. "Freshly・Picked・Today♥Fruits Girls Ringo only ver." (も・ぎ・た・て♥フルーツガールズ 林檎only ver.?)
  5. "Freshly・Picked・Today♥Fruits Girls Minori only ver." (も・ぎ・た・て♥フルーツガールズ 農only ver.?)
  6. "Cordless☆tele☆PHONE instrumental" (コードレス☆照れ☆PHONE instrumental?)
  7. "Freshly・Picked・Today♥Fruits Girls instrumental" (も・ぎ・た・て♥フルーツガールズ instrumental?)